Chasing a Rainbow in Lakewood Ranch

I tried really hard not to speed, but I was chasing a rainbow. The photo gods were smiling down upon me, as long as I could park in time.

I hurriedly unloaded my car and trekked to my pre-scouted spot, set up my tripod, and experimented with various heights.
....I locked in a great composition before my models even arrived! The location is right in front of the movie theater in Lakewood Ranch on Main Street. There is a circular paver patio with a few benches. Luckily I could visually arrange one of the benches, the front of the theater that said 'cinemas', and the rainbow all into my composition.

Judge me if you want, but that rainbow made me ridiculously happy.

Yes, I wanted a cinema-theme photo to represent Lakewood Ranch, but if I receive the opportunity to stretch it a bit further to the cinematic wonder that is Wizard of Oz, 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow’...uh, yes please!

That's what takes a 'nice pet photo' to a 'wow pet photo’. You can't plan for genius, but sometimes its handed to you on a silver platter. Today was my day, and I accepted my silver platter graciously.

Susan arrived with sweet Sweetpea and Kushi. Two little ones with ample cuteness and big hearts.

Meet Kushi!

Mystery Mutt , but she leans on the jack russell terrier/chihuahua side, Photo by Polar Bear Studio

In case you're wondering, as I was, ‘Kushi’ means ‘Happiness’ and has an Indian origin. She's a marvelous mystery mutt, but we guess she leans on the jack russell terrier/chihuahua side. She has a bit of a Toto from Wizard of Oz look about her, although that may be the rainbow speaking for me again. Kushi has a full-time job as Susan's shadow.

And its my pleasure to introduce you to Sweetpea!

Chihuahua Mix, Photo by Polar Bear Studio

Sweetpea is a chihuahua who reminded me a little bit of Wheezy the penguin from Toy Story 2. He is a senior with health issues, and he can't help but make admittedly cute, but disconcerting, whimpering sounds.

They were both adopted while Susan lived in New York, but these bonafide city pups now call beautiful Manatee County home!

Canine Best Friends, Photo by Polar Bear Studio

This would be my fastest photo shoot so far. I had the shot I wanted within five to ten minutes. Sweetpea was very content to stay put on the bench (it was admittedly very humid already). Kushi was very agreeable as long as Susan didn’t get too far away. She sat next to Sweetpea quite naturally.

Some things are just meant to be, and I count myself very, very fortunate!

Dog best friends at the movie theater, rainbow, Photo by Polar Bear Studio

Right time, right place, right dogs! 

Thank you Susan, Kushi, & Sweetpea! I appreciate you so much!


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